Let me start off by saying …

Blogging is a whole new world – a world that I am not totally familiar with, but just like everyone else I have to start somewhere – so why not start my own blog and learn as I go. The internet has many views and opinions from many people which creates a wealth of knowledge at the click of a button, which is wonderful if you need to find something specific. I now realise that there are other vegan bloggers out in the blogosphere who also believe that what we are doing as a species to our fellow creatures is so very wrong.

So, what does another vegan hope to achieve then? What I hope to achieve in this blog is to educate people, even one person at a time would be great, to the world of veganism, the wonderful world of veganism. And just like most other vegans I hope to educate people to the fact that animals are sentient and do not wish to, or deserve to be treated the way that they are. They are not objects, they are not slaves, they are valid and they feel and they experience happiness and sadness and a whole range of other emotions just like we do. Finding the words to describe what we are doing them? – well there are no words really.

The one thing I found when first going vegan was that I knew no other vegans, so I had lots of questions about lots of things including ingredients in foods, I found myself asking “what is in this product? and what to look for and where to buy it. So, I am thinking that I will have a bit about food to maybe help someone who would like to transition to becoming a vegan and to tell them that they are not alone – go for it!! Look at what you eat, see that vegans actually do eat, and actually do eat lots of nice things, there is a whole heap of food out there that is not only good and tasty but vegan too. The other thing I hope to do is educate people on looking at what they eat and seeing it more for what it is – an animal, a dead animal on a plate. We are taught at a very young age to compartmentalise our compassion, “awww, isn’t that wee baby chick on tv cute, here Harry, eat your chicken, put hairs on your chest!!”  Selective compassion – not fair, not right.

Also what I hope to achieve is to send the visitors that happen to chance upon my blog onto other websites, wonderful & informative websites like:

So, fellow vegans, band together and lets educate!!!


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