Save the Beagles Protest – NZ Open Rescue Message


Save the Beagles Protest – Saturday 26th September

Hundreds of animals each year suffer the fate of live testing at Valley Animal Research Centre.

Animal testing is unscientific, producing no beneficial data and merely filing the pockets of fraudulent scientists.

Allen Goldenthal breeds hundreds of Beagles dogs every year. The only existence these animals know is one of pain and suffering.

Valley Animal Research Centre must be stopped! Come along to the protest and make your voice heard for those who cannot speak.

Saturday September 26th 1.30pm Bainesse Kennels, Himitangi or meet at 1pm, the Square information centre, Palmerston North

For further information


New Zealand Open Rescue

PO Box 37612

Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

And an exerpt from Save the beagles about other things to do:

Sign SAFE’s online petition to the Minister of Agriculture If you have your own website or blog, please link it to this petition.

And for other ideas go to under the tab ‘what you can do’, and …

For more information, please contact National AntiVivisection Campaign, PO Box 6387, Wellington ;


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