Thoughts for Pike River’s Loved-ones

November 25, 2010

Have just sneaked onto somebody else’s computer, my computer is not only not working (again! poor thing got a virus) but is on the side of my house that has sunken/fallen foundations after all our earthquakes here in Christchurch. I am suffering from vertigo every time I walk on that side of the house.
I did want to post my deepest sympathies to the families and friends who lost their loved-ones in the Pike River Coal Mine. I am sure that all of New Zealand is sharing a thought or prayer for those who have lost someone. I know how close-knitted the Coasties are and cannot fathom what everyone is going through at the moment, extremely tragic. And to the families and friends overseas who have also lost their loved-ones, my thoughts are with you also.
I admire all your tremendous strength and community spirit throughout this whole ordeal and my heartfelt wish that sometime soon your boys can be returned to you.