About Me and Who I Am

Hi from the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand.Mini orchard

My name is Bron and I live in a rural township just outside Christchurch and have a small orchard which keeps me, friends and family supplied with the abundance Mother Nature has to offer.

I believe in non-violence and compassion. I care about this planet we have guardianship of and ALL animals that share it with us. I am a compassionate vegan and deeply believe that EVERY FORM OF EXPLOITATION SHOULD BE ELIMINATED. No human animal or non-human animal should ever be the property of others and should not be entertainment, enslaved, eaten, worn, researched & tested on, or used by another. I will not support exploitation for profit or greed. My wish for abolishment of exploitation also extends to the use of this beautiful planet’s resources – it is our moral and ethical duty to preserve such a wonderful gift for every living thing to enjoy now and forever.

“Let no animal suffer or die that we may live!”


bron sign



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